Android Tablet: A revolution in the world of PC

There are so many OS available in the market for phone or even for tablets but Android is the fast growing and leading operating system at present market and it is making a glance in the market of tablet PC or phones.  As Android is very economical for  every phone manufacturer company so that maximum Tablet or phone providers are using it  Android was initially the Linux based operating-system developed by android Inc. The Android Tablet is a open source, in contrast to Apple’s secretive code.  Before android has been launched it was a market of apple ipad, but now Google has delivered an amazing technology with Android that is being much popular now days. Android Accessories supplier came up in the market with lots of advance features those were missing in the apple’s ipad such as usb ports, adobe flash, and built in camera. After adding lots of features, Android tablet are much cheaper than apple’s ipad. An excellent benefit of the particular Android Tablet is that got lots of preloaded useful apps and some apps may be free of charge and are available at the Yahoo managed Android Tablet Marketplace. The Android OS Industry unofficially offers 300,000 apps, quickly making up ground to Apple’s iPhone app store. With over 550,500 new Google android mobile phones getting triggered every day, Google android device consumers complete more than 130 million. How come Google wishes to market its OS? Because it controls advertising content on the products. A huge way to obtain revenue Google may even give suppliers and also cellular carriers.

The very best competition for Apple i Pad at this time will be Google Android powered products produced by any company such as associated with Motorola, New Samsung, Dell among others. The actual Android mobile phone is actually supportive for Android Tablets, smart phones and other hand-held electronic gadgets.

Android tablets are being one of the hottest  products in the market because of it’s extra ordinary features. You have got so many reason to choose an Android tablet instead of any other OS
Such as

Size: Android tablets are available in several sizes as per customers need, as these are available in 5 inch, 7inch, 8 inch and 10 inch.

Real multitasking: Android give a real multitasking experience without worrying about battery issue as ipad users face.Cameras: Android tablets are coming with dual cameras one is for clicking you photos with flash and second for experiencing video chatting. Along with it android camera apps provides nice features for editing image.

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